Turn off all electronic devices and focus on yourself. In one or more daily workshops, you will connect with nature and yourself and learn valuable skills for surviving in the wilderness with the minimum necessary equipment and accessories.

The possibilities for cycling are plentiful. Some trails are better, others less well marked. We recommend hiring a good cycling guide. We can also arrange a bicycle rental for you.

For all of you who prefer flat trails, we recommend a circular trail around the valley Loška dolina. You can start it right from the campsite and walk in a few hours.

10 km away from the camp is one of the most beautiful water caves, where you have several options for visiting.

You can start the ascent to the highest non-alpine peak in Slovenia right from the camp, for which we recommend accompanying the guide. An easier option is to drive to the starting point in Sviščaki.

The coldest inhabited place in Slovenia is only 8 kilometers away from the camp. We recommend a visit accompanied by a local guide. You can also arrange a visit to Gorski Kotar in neighboring Croatia.

A walk through the forest takes you from the camp after 1 km to the white beauty - Snežnik Castle. With original equipment from the lives of the last owners, it conjures up the spirit of life at the turn of the 20th century. The park also tells its story, which you get to know best accompanied by a local guide.

You can combine a visit to Lake Cerknica with Rakov Škocjan. It is best to get to know it on the circular path. In addition to two natural bridges, you discover the karst world and the mysterious path of water.

One of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe is only 20 km away from the campsite. You can also learn all the lake's secrets on several well-kept-themed trails.

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